Getting Started

Before taking advantage of Reg4Class to the fullest, you will need to do some configuration - add you subjects and students. The setup script already added some sample data for you so it will be quite easy.

Your Subjects

First we need to add some subjects. Please go to Subjects menu, you you will see the subjects that you currently teach. Click the subject link to edit one, or click the Add New to add a new subject.

Your Students

So the configuration is almost done, you will just need to add your students information, and you will probably add students regularly as you tutoring business grow. Once you have a new student, please add her to your database. Please go to Students > Add New:

Add Lessons

So you have completed your Reg4Class configuration, now it's time to schedule some lessons for you and your students. Simply go toLessons, choose a date, then click Add New. Choose the subject and the time of your new lesson. You will add student(s) in the next step.

Manage Lessons

After you have added a lesson, it will appear in your lessons schedule, please go to Lessons menu to view your current schedule.

Click the lesson link to view more details.

When you have finished teaching your lesson, you will need to record attendance for every student. In the lesson details view please click the Edit Attendance button to go to the attendance form.

Manage Finance and Payments

The payments module is being redesigned at the moment, it will be back soon.

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